Born in Argentina and from Corrientes-Capital, Alejandro began his first steps at the age of 5 in Argentine native dances, at the Municipal Academy of Folklore of Corrientes. In 1993, he was selected to be part of the regional folk ballet.


Afterwards he continued his career in the Fundación Cocomarola; The Mataco Lemos Ballet; the ballet of Camara Municipal.


He joins the company Di-arte, and several artistic projects with the artists collective Jaguar Azul. At the age of 21, he moved to Buenos Aires where he joined the Argentinean Art Company, before settling in Spain and pursuing his career as a dancer for 3 years.


He arrived in France in July 2004, a country he fell in love with for his cultural diversity and in which he continued his career by creating projects and transmitting during his workshops, the essence, character and rhythm of this culture as vast as his Country ... Argentina.


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