Ana Karina Rossi was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. After studying piano and musicology she devotes herself to singing tango.

Her collaboration with the poet Horacio Ferrer takes on a particular dimension. Between 2008 and 2014 they perform together regularly in Europe, which resulted in  the album Tango & Gotan, then he chose her for the role of Mina in his last Opera Dandy, staged in 2014.

She is also dedicated to conducting tango singing workshops in France, and in particular, regular classes in Paris, enriching her work of cultural transmission.

She is surrounded with artists of diverse and multidisciplinary horizons, with varied cultures, and collaborates with orchestras, companies and reputed artists.

She combines the roles of producer and artistic director of multidisciplinary and multi-cultural projects involving dance, fashion, cinema, radio and television.


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