with Soahanta De Oliveira

The sensitive intelligence of the body is the royal way that opens to the pleasure of dancing, but also to harmony in sharing between two persons.
Classes are a practice of the body in movement which proposes the perceptual experience necessary for the dance, which clarifies and refines the coordinations. As part of the festival it is a contribution that illuminates the other courses,

and allows you to take full advantage of all activities.

7 lessons:
* "A stylized and easy posture, feminine and masculine"
* "Between imbalance and balance, organize around the axis"
* "An anchored step, to move forward"
* "An anchored step, to retreat"
* "Be in one’s supports and use one’s weight to free the leg from the air or to guide"
* "To dissociate fully, from the point of view of the woman and the man"
* "Rotate, turn"


Come in easy, comfortable attire (soft pants and T-shirts), and if possible with a rug (yoga or other, or beach towel).ge).



All classes take place at the Mairie hall of Montreuil

7 lessons from 1:30, from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 July from 12:15 to 13:45

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