with Pedro Lombardi

Theme: Subliming women of tango

Duration: 6 hours + 2 hours debriefing after practical work (8 hours in total)
Pedro's contact details will be sent to you during registration. Appointments will be fixed directly with him.




The purpose of this workshop is to understand, take and improve tango images during demonstrations, milongas and possibly by making the dancer couples pose for photos.
 It will take place at the places where the maestros give lessons and / or near the dance spaces of the afternoons (for the real practical aspect of the shots).
Technical level required: For the partner photographers of Tango Roots in priority, but also for amateur photographers or "semi-pros" as well as photographic school students.
Desired equipment: Your camera, your lens (s) and possibly a second battery as well as a laptop / tablet to show your work.



Course description :

 Introduction around a coffee, tea or mate
• Presentation by Pedro Lombardi and comments of the iconic images of women in tango
• Brief introduction of each member showing some images brought for the occasion
• A short technical reminder about the methods used (priority speed, manual, etc.)



Part I : Tango in Demonstration
Each point is treated in theory and in practice
• Positioning: relative to the room, the light, the purpose
• Technical adjustments and adaptation to the situation
• Editing: recognize and choose authentically "tango" photos and not only the tango "show"
• Processing: a short development on LightRoom Photoshop


Part II : The tango in Milonga
Each point is treated in theory and in practice
• Approach: place and existing light
• Framing: choice of point of view, optics, triggering
• Editing: recognizing and keeping the "essence" of tango
• Processing: development on LightRoom Photoshop + a short black and white approach
 If desired by the group and if timing allows:
• Basic elements for posing couples of tango in the studio




Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Pedro LOMBARDI lives in Paris for the last 30 years. Great curious about things and especially people, his work as a photographer begins with various reports (Russia, United States, Morocco, Canada, New Caledonia). Two axes stand out in his approach, both witness and actor, social and "cultural", through theater, music and dance.
Independent, his images are the subject of album covers and publications in the press and publishing. He also works with many theater and dance companies, from the most alternative to La Comédie Française.
 Because of his origins and cosmopolitan background, the universal language of music fascinates him. He has been working for several years on the Candombe, the Afro-Uruguayan rhythm, "collective practice" that is passed down from generation to generation (exhibited among others at the Fnac Champs Elysées and at the International Festival of Biarritz in 1998)
 Always creating links between Latin America and Europe, he addresses the theme of Tango in Paris in 1998 (exhibition and catalog at UNESCO in 1999), and continues to do so from the two cities that gave birth to him: Montevideo and Buenos Aires. His approach is at the same time that of an esthete and an amateur, tango dancer. He looks like the latter that a woman invites. And in this relationship are woven as in dance, all the sensuality, complicity and intimacy that make the magic of a Tango.
 This work is now published in a beautiful book: "Invitation to Tango" (Collector's Editions, Paris 2005) followed by the musical compilation of tangos "Invitation to Tango" (Wagram Music).
 Pedro Lombardi est le co-auteur du film « Tango, no todo es Rock » (Vidéo de Poche Productions, documentaire de 52 mn réalisé par Jacques Goldstein), sorti en mars 2013.

​ In 2009, he published a photographic work by Voix Navigables on the process of creating two plays by the author Olivier Tchang-Tchong "The dog of my dog" and "Dogs do not make cats", within a day center of Adapt in Paris. In February 2013 he began a work with the playwright Gabriel Calderón, during the creations of the Uruguayan Trilogy, with the director Adel Hakim, at the Théâtre des Quartiers d'Ivry, extracts published in the magazine Frictions Hors Série n ° 5, in March 2013.
As far as the control work is concerned, Pedro Lombardi has been developing a regular collaboration with the Curie Institute since 2005, particularly on breast cancer. Since 2008 he also collaborates with the Asmae association (Sister Emmanuelle) in Bobigny (welcoming young mothers in distress).
In 2014 he left for a month for the NGO Caméléon in the Philippines for a report highlighting the work of reconstruction of the Association Caméléon on girls who have suffered sexual violence. This work has since been exhibited in France in different cities.
Since 2010 he develops a work on portraiture and self-esteem.
The more commercial aspect of his photographs: his work for the Aubade brand, Agenda Aubade 2004 "Tango Lessons" (Editions de la Martinière, Paris 2003) has been sold more than 28,000 copies. This small, sold-out book has now become a "collector".

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