with Marion Dulieux and Toufik Cherifi

The Tango Roots Festival invites for the second time two of its djs to share their passion for music and the art of djing. They will present two workshops each, one dedicated to orchestras of the golden age of tango and the other to technique and tricks of musicalization. These workshops are open to everyone, already confirmed or in the making, curious, passionate about music ...



FIRST PART with Marion Dulieux (6h)

 at the Maison de l'arbre


TUESDAY 23 and WEDNESDAY 24 from 16h30 to 19h30 

During these two sessions Marion will propose to you to see or review together the history and the style of the big tango orchestras,
and to look at the great voices of tango, their characteristics, their roles, their stories.
These workshops will have a technical part that will create "pretty tandas" and manage the flow of energy in a milonga,
without forgetting the importance of the cortinas.




SECOND PART with Toufik Cherifi (6h)

at the Maison de l'arbre

THURSDAY 25 and FRIDAY 26 from 16h30 to 19h30

Through the big orchestras, Toufik propose to go to the discovery of these women who inspired some of the most beautiful composed tango.
A detour that will also allow you to go deeper into the golden age.

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