'Around a maté' are get-togethers to share ideas and debate with the musicians and dancers at the festival, as well as painters, writers, historians and journalists.

These will take place in a warm atmosphere around a cup of maté and typical delicacies.


Mairie de Montreuil

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Sunday, July 21st from 14h to 16h

"The woman in front of the man"

With Rodrigo Rufino and Gisela Passi

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Monday July 22 from 14h to 16h

"Tango Hembra, a feminist tango festival"

With Maria Cangiano

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Tuesday, July 23 from 14h to 16h

"The woman and the music. Role and evolution of the status of women in singing and tango music"

With Françoise Prioul

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Mercredi 24 Juillet de 14h à 16h

"The image of women in tango lyrics and tango-related cinema"

With Françoise Prioul

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Thursday July 25 from 14h to 16h

"Women under the dictatorship"

With Sonia F. Lauro and Martina Chavez

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Friday, July 26 from 14h to 16h

"The woman in the tango - indentities and sexual roles in the tango"

With Magali Saikin

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