Sunday, July 21st





We will open this 9th edition of Tango Roots with a nice sample of the program.
This completely free day will also be an opportunity to discover the festival's venues, interact with the team
and finalize the registrations.

14h - 16h

Meeting 'Around a Maté' at the opening of the festival

with Rodrigo Rufino & Gisela Passi

"The woman in front of the man"

Mairie de Montreuil

From 12h

Free Initiations

12h30 -Yoga at the  Collectif du 9

16h30 - Tango at Mairie de Montreuil

17h30 - Argentine Folklore at Mairie de Montreuil

Registrations directly by email : tangorootsfestival@gmail.com

From 15h to 20h

Free milonga at Parole Errante

Welcome cocktail offered by the festival



Dj - Carlos Rodrigues

From 17h to 19h

Photo Opening

During the milonga à la Parole Errante 


Photo exhibition by Philippe Gauthier and Wie Sung-Hwan


"When he is not himself on stage or on the dance floor, Philippe Gauthier photographs moving bodies.
Witness eye, body actor, photographer and dancer, whether he is facing a choreographed work or the intimacy of the ball, it is always for him to prolong the emotion that emanates from the moment.
He won first prize at the 2015 London Tangofolly Competition, as well as first prize at the Łódź Tango Salon Festival in 2016, receives Canon's Coup de Coeur at the Vincennes Images Festival in 2017, and is ninth at the 2019 "national author" the Photographic Federation of France. "

Wie Sung-Hwan has always felt a lot of emotion in the expression of 'Tangueros'
He discovered tango in South Korea in 2008. He started photographing tango in Paris in 2010 and won many prizes. Since then he has photographed many international tango events.


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