Matias de Valentin Alsina solely plays vinyls , a choice that embraces his vision as a music lover, dancer, and all-round pleasure-sharer.

Currently enjoying his free time between family and cooking, he particularly likes to dance on tango, which he considers to be « la mejor musica de todos los tiempos. »





Vincent has been performing the most beautiful Parisian milongas for over 10 years, travelling all around Europe to host festivals, marathons and encuentros . «To me, playing for a party is like dancing with everybody. I really take care of the dancers's emotions and how my music affects their moods. » Tanda after tanda, cortina after cortina, Vincent seeks to develop an atmosphere and tell a story through beautiful and contrasted notes, sometimes intense and dramatic, sometimes light and joyful and above all, which make you want to move your feet! A bailar !


Rosita, from Lyon of Chilean origin, is regularly invited to musicalise prestigious events in the south or in the Rhône Alpes region but also Rennes, Lille, Toulouse, and abroad : Turin Geneva, Barcelona, Lezuza (Spain), Germany (karlsruhe, heildelberg), Dublin Athens ...
"Each tango has for me a thousand stories, a thousand flavors, and evokes just as many memories. I musicalise with passion in milongas and events in France and Europe, and put myself at the service of the dancers to share mainly the immense palette of emotions and energies of the inexhaustible period of the golden age ".



Toufik is a music lover. He discovered blues, jazz, rock and soul but set his heart on tango. Tango burst into his life by accident and opened a door to a whole new world of subtlety and complexity . Being a DJ is a way for him to share his feelings. He likes to make his audience happy.




Marion has been living in Paris for 5 years, where the tango has been unbelievable. She started to play for events in 2013 and has since travelled through Europe to perform at festivals and marathons. She feels grateful every time she has the opportunity to perform. It gives her the impression she’s dancing with everybody at the same time. She's completly fond of tango and particularly likes the music's diversity, orchestras and evolutions, which lead to a wonderful fireworks of emotions.




Karel discovered tango and Argentina ten years ago, and has since been in love with both. His style is based on milongas from the capital, which he goes back to regularly. He’s equally fond of the most traditional milongas, structured through códigos, and of the more alternative ones, fashioned by today’s renaissance of the big band.


Paskal fell in love with Argentine Tango in 2003 in Paris. It was the desire to learn couple dances that led him to Tango, but it was Tango music that most captivated him. He has a good musical ear thanks to 9 years of accordion studies at the conservatory. And since then, the Bandoneon has become his favorite instrument, he even tried to learn to play it but has not yet tamed the animal
It was between 2008 and 2011, following the creation of a Tango association with his wife on Reunion Island, that he began to musicalise many milongas and co-organized the TangoRUN Festival there in 2010. .
Back in 2011 on the European continent, he became a DJ much appreciated by lovers of the golden age and plays music regularly in Parisian milongas (recently at La Dolce Vita, La MilOnda, El Colectivo, Todo Es Amor ...).
"When I play music in milonga, I can't help but go dancing after throwing a tanda. It’s the best way for me to feel the ambiance of the track and adjust the sound. ”




Karim has been musicalizing the Parisian milongas since 2010.
His musical programming focuses mainly on the golden age of tango, but he does not hesitate to include pieces from contemporary orchestras that he likes.
The balance of his tandas and the sensitivity in the choice of pieces make Karim a Dj particularly appreciated by dancers.

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