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With Françoise Prioul


Present from the words of the primal tango, the image of the woman evolves obviously with the poetry and constitutes one of the ingredients of the passage of the Old Guard to the tango-canción. Indeed, born with Mi Noche Triste, this genre revolves around the schema of the suburban woman forsaking the sincere love of the poetic subject for the illusory and ephemeral adventures reserved by luxury cabarets. However, this archetype, relayed by the cinema, conceals subtleties and variants on which is built the individual genius of songwriters worthy of appearing in the Parnasse of tango. It is these nuances and variations that we propose to analyze and question.





Françoise Prioul

Associate of Spanish and doctor in Latin American literature, she has been interested in tango for twenty years as a dancer and violinist. She studied tango ensemble music with Cuarteto Cedrón and Juan José Mosalini, and regularly performs as a duet or trio in Buenos Aires and Paris. As a researcher, she works on the poetics of Celedonio Flores and on the relationship between dance, poetics and music and, in particular, on the contribution of the 20s to tango. F. Prioul has published several articles on these topics and teaches in particular the History of Tango at the University of Paris 13. She regularly makes extended stays in Buenos Aires and is currently preparing a book on C. Flores and the 1920s.


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