Established in 2005, the association “La Muse Amusée” has for purposes pratice and transmission, but also performances of the “body arts” associated to dance throughout the ages and styles.

Its activities are structured around classes, workshops, shows, concerts and conferences or meetings, mainly aiming towards the promotion of dancing and musical culture.

By its very object, the association “La Muse Amusée” develops tango both nationally and internationally, welcoming a Parisian public as well as dancers from the rest of France and abroad during the summertime.







The association is composed by honorary members, donating members, and active members:

  • Honorary members are those who provided reported help to the association. They are exempted from membership fees.

  • Donating members are those who paid an entrance fee of at least €50 and a yearly fee of €11. They benefit from rebates on all of the association’s activities and from invitations for certain events organised by the association. These membership fees allow, among others, to organise the Tango Roots Festival as well as to enhance the comfort and quality of the event.

  • Active members are those who committed themselves to pay a yearly fee of €11. They benefit from rebates on all the activities offered by the association.

  • The yearly fee of €11 is mandatory to participate in the different activities offered by the Festival. It allows benefitting from a discount to attend the classes organised all year long.

  • Honorary members receive an invitation for each milonga of the Festival.

  • To become a member, please fill out the form below. Fees can be paid by cheque, wire transfer or via PayPal. You can also pay by cash at the entrance door of the Festival.














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- Via Paypal  en indiquant le montant.


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