Identities and sexual roles in the tango

Friday, July 26 from 14h to 16h


With Magali Saikin



Argentine tango is a place of expression where gender relations occupy an important place. In dance, eroticism and passion between men and women define the tango in its essence. We can ask ourselves, through a critical perspective, how is this binary relationship between the sexes and whether the cultural roles that have been assigned to both in this dance are symmetrical or hierarchical. Thanks to the analysis of tango texts, it is possible to trace the role played by women in the evolution of tango and we will see how male 'domination' crosses all the chapters of its history.



Magali Saikin

The Dr. Magali Saikin was born in Buenos Aires. In 1980 she moved to Passau, Germany, where she worked as a psychotherapist and doctor. "Tango y Género - Identitades y ruta sexuales en el Tango Argentino" (2003) is her doctoral thesis, published in Spanish and German.



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