'Tita' by Teresa Costantini


Tuesday, 23th July, 8.45 pm at La Parole Errante

(In order for the screening to take place on time and not overstep on the start of the milonga scheduled time, the box-office will close 15 mn before the start of the film).

Undubbed, with French subtitles.

Duration : 2h

Biopics are in vogue and Argentina is no exception.  Out since the beginning of October in the country, the film Yo soy asi, Tita from Buenos Aires – paying tribute to Tita Merello, a mythical figure of the entertainment – is a real success.  A tango singer and actress born in 1904, often compared to Edith Piaf due to her tumultuous life, strong character and cheeky voice, Tita Merello continues to fascinate Argentinian people fifteen years after her death in 2002. Nicknamed « La Morocha » (« the brunette ») or simply « La Merello », she was also known as an actress as « the Argentinian Anna Magnani ».

Produced by Teresa Constantini, Yo soy así, Tita from Buenos Aires is an homage to the bravery of a woman coming from the poor faubourgs of the capital, who had to fight to survive in a macho environment.  The audience follows the career of Tita – whose real name was Laura Ana Merello – since the time it started in the years 1920, in the cabarets where the bourgeois came to slum it, listening to the music of Buenos Aires underworld.  There, she met a rich protector who enabled her to learn reading and writing at 20 years old.   A feminist ahead of time, Tita succeeded in cutting loose from her state of being a kept woman, as she triumphed on stage and on screen


The film is followed by a milonga until 2am

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