The Roulotte Tango collective is relaunching a purely Milonguero project to ignite the dance floors.
Gaspar Pocai arrives again from Argentina to find the pillars of the collective - Julien Blondel and Mehdi Al-Tinaoui, with whom he has worked for over ten years. They have already shared more than 500 concerts and milongas together.
Animated by this strong complicity, this long collective experience and this perpetual desire to tangot everywhere, these three musicians-dancers offer several formulas ranging from duet to quinteto.
From the great classics to personal compositions, passing by “tangotized” French songs, they are currently working on a new original repertoire ... to discover and dance from their next 2020 tour!
Good humor, relaxation and pure tanguero spirit guaranteed ...




Gaspar Pocai - Bandoneon and singing

Julien Blondel - Piano

Mehdi Al-Tinaoui - Violin







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