For the fifth consecutive year the Tango Roots festival invites this remarkable multifaceted couple. In addition to their dance shows, Rodrigo Rufino and Gisela Passi give thematic seminars and the Musicality Master Class for dancers with live orchestras.
Studious and passionate, they give a video conference on the Festival annual theme, such as the History of tango dance, the lunfardo, the historical couples and pairs of musicians and dancers, the history of Tango in Paris. This year, their conference will be focused on « The Woman » history in social milongas and on stage.

Rodrigo and Gisela’s life and tango story is made of great complicity since 1996. Both from Buenos Aires, they oscillate between their native town and the city of Paris, where they are appreciated  for their authentic and elegant dance, along with their wide teaching experience and their talent to transmit the essence of argentine tango.

Rare perl in tango, Rodrigo is one of those privileged tangueros who took part of the golden 90’s milongas generation. Only a few children in those times could share long nights with old milongueros. He was only 14 at the time of his first tango exhibition in Buenos Aires and had just turned 18 when he went on his first professional tour to Japan. He studied the art and technique of this dance with great masters and milongueros such as Pepito Avellaneda, Rodolfo Cieri and Miguel Angel Zotto, participating in exhibitions in some of the mythical milongas of Buenos Aires (Sunderland, Sin Rumbo, Almagro, Akarense, Glorias Argentinas, among others) and in numerous shows in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Japan with his sister Rebeca. Gisela took her first tango steps in Buenos Aires at the age of 16 and danced only socially during her university studies. She decided to embrace tango professionally when she got her linguistics university degree in Buenos Aires and then in The Sorbonne. Along with dancing tango, Gisela’s artistic profile include music, theater, "murga" art, photography and literature recognitions since she was a child.

Fascinated by the art of the stage, whit great presence and charisma, Rodrigo and Gisela have been dancing for more than 15 years in different tango shows in France, China, Lebanon, Italy, Bulgaria with the following orchestras : Tanguisimo, Color Tango, Hyperion, Silbando, Silencio, Tango Spleen, Roulotte Tango, Contempo, Nada Más, Caliente, Divertango, Gancedo, trio Flores, Strapata, Los Tanturi, Mosalini cuarteto, Quinteto El Después, among others. For more than 10 years they are the official dance couple of the « Tanguisimo » show which plays in world theaters and music festivals.

Rodrigo and Gisela have always been committed with great vocation to the transmission of tango culture, tango history, tango music and poetry, tango values and traditions as a dance and social phenomenon. Tango is Rodrigo and Gisela’s life. Tango is their passion and they have a special gift to transmit it.

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