"This Franco-Argentine ensemble has nothing more to prove as to its ability to spin, reinvent itself and celebrate the tango. "
Le Monde

We see it all over Europe, we hear it over and over on french and argentinian radios : Silbando has become a staple of the milongas, renowned for its incredible energy and charismatic singer.
Silbando celebrates its 10 years of existence around a repertoire celebrating a tango of yesterday and today, dedicated to bringing a new identity to Argentine tango of the golden age and the great masters. A repertoire is proposed that invites you to rediscover the great classics of Argentine tango and to venture into unknown pieces, through the interpretation of reference versions and personal arrangements.
With three albums to his credit, Silbando has performed in many European countries as well as in Argentina during a tour in 2014 where he was welcomed as one of the best tango orchestras on the current scene.

For this special evening, Silbando invites many musicians to share a whole repertoire dedicated 100% to dance!




Chloé Pfeiffer - Piano and arrangements

Mathias Naon - Violin

Anne Le Pape - Violin

Chloé Bousquet - Violin

Lysandre Donoso - Bandoneon

Carmela Delgado - Bandoneon

Maxime Point - Bandoneon

Romain de Mesmay - Alto

Lucas Eubel Frontini - Bass

Sebastian Rossi - Singing


Roger Helou - Piano

Medhi Al Tinaoui - Violin

Véronica Votti - Cello

Sebastian Innocenti - Bandoneon

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