Trained in classical dance and character dance, Soahanta DE OLIVEIRA made her debut in 1980 at the Théâtre Musical de Paris, Châtelet, then went on to dance repertoire at the Opéra du Nord, the Ballet Théâtre Français in Nancy, the Ballet du Louvre. Thus she has the opportunity to perform solo roles and dance choreographies of Leonid Massine, Michel Fokine, Bronislava Nijinska, but also Agnès De Mille, Genia Poliakof, Brian Mc Donald, Claudine Allegra, Joseph Lazzini.


State-certified dance teacher, she transmits classical dance with a contemporary teaching approach, respecting the academic and the style, while using the workshop to develop the aesthetic and technical fundamentals. She is thus brought to give Masters Classes in the graduate schools or the training centers of teachers in dance.


Specialized in Body Functional Analysis in the Dance Movement (AFCMD) since 1996, she is a professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris. She teaches this discipline in other contexts: training of dance teachers, training of body discipline teachers (Yoga, Pilates ...) training of the dancer interpreter (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Marseille, Juste Debout School / Hip Hop, danseurs de tango argentin...) ...


She is trained in Myofascial Stretches and ELDOA (Longitudinal Stretches with Osteoarticular Decoding), with Guy Voyer. And, then, she trains herself and practices the somatic and educational techniques; Feldekrais, Alexander, Eutonia, Pilates, Girotonic, BMC, Yoga, Rolfing ...She teaches anatomy-physiology applied to movement.


She has been dancing Argentine tango for about ten years, and makes regular trips to Buenos Aires to work, tap into it and share what is unique in the country's commitment and body culture. She applies her teaching and research to this couple dance for some years now.


She is a trainer and a member of the teaching committee for the training of AFCMD specialists at the CESMD in Poitou-Charentes since 2013.

Today, inspired by balloon work developed in Argentina (Esferointegracion), she proposes her own training sessions and lessons with the use of balloons.        


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