Solo Tango orquesta is rapidly rising to the top of the world Tango Olympus. Team was founded in the summer of 2010 and in incredibly short time has gained international recognition.

 Solo Tango Orquesta is a winner of XXXV international competition “Castelfidardo Festival Internazionale della fisarmonica” in Italy in the category “Piazzolla ‘s Music” (2010) and XXXXVIII Klingenthal International Competition (Germany) (2011).

It is the only European tango-orchestra that was nominated to the First international “Premios Tango” (Buenos Aires / March 2018).

Special version of the tango “Los Mareados” from Solo Tango Orquesta became victorious on XV world games in Buenos Aires (Mundial de Tango 2018). It’s unique arrangement has brought the triumph to the Russian couple, Dmitry Vasin and Sagdiana Khamzina, in the category Tango Escenario. For the first time for 15 years of existence of the world games, The couple from Europe became the champions, and they made it with the music from Russian orchestra!


 Solo Tango orquesta had performed on the best concert halls of the world, among which there are Berlin Philharmonic, Big hall of Moscow conservatory, Chaikovsky concert hall, Seoul National theater, Moscow International House of the Music, Grand Concert Hall St. Petersburg, Admiralpalast Berlin, and etc.. Solo Tango is the only tango orchestra that has it’s own concert subscriptions (the series of concerts) in the most prestigious classical concert halls of Moscow: Moscow Philarmonic society and Moscow International Music House.

Solo Tango is the official orchestra of the major international tango festivals: Istanbul Tango Festival(Turkey), Ankara tango festival (Turkey), Adana tango festival(Turkey) “Milonguero Nights 2010-14″,”Sabor del Tango ” (Yalta), “Planetango “, “El Tangon 2011.” (Turkye -Antalia), “Tango of wight night” (Russia, Sankt-Petersburg), “Argentinian holidays” (Russia, Sankt-Petersburg), Tangomagia (Amsterdam,Netherlands), Brussels Tango festival (Brussels,Belgium),Tango embrace (Berlin,Germany), Pentecost festival (Karlsruhe,Germany), Dresden Tango Fest 2013-15 (Dresden,Germany), Roma tango meeting 2013,2014 (Roma,Italy), Pisa tango festival (Pisa,Italy), Zucca tango festival (Milan,Italy), Siracusa tango festival (Siracusa,Italy), Tarbes tango festival (Tarbes,France), Tango Element (Baltimore,USA), Shanghai Tango Marathon (Shanghai,China), Misterio tango festival 2013,2015 (Buenos Aires,Argentina)


It is the orchestra that is created by the efforts of magnificent Moscow musicians who have devoted many years of their lives to tango music. The sound of the orchestra can be described as the one with the perfect sense of style, powerful energy and high quality of performance. The repertoire includes a complex tango songs that sound great at major concert halls, and also the best of tangos of the “Golden Age”, which makes them convenient and comfortable to dance in the milongas.






Alexander Ryazanov - Violon

Artem Timin - Piano

Pavel Ratynsky - Bandoneon

Ilya Alpeev - Duble Bass


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