Autour d'un maté


'Around a maté' are get-togethers to share ideas and debate with the musicians and dancers at the festival, as well as painters, writers, historians and journalists.

These will take place in a warm atmosphere around a cup of maté and typical delicacies.


musicality for dancers, with orchestra


A music Masterclass for dancers, including orchestras, which allow participants to refine their listening, understanding and knowledge of various orchestras of the golden age. The end goal is to develop a different approach to dancing and to tango in general. Interactive audio commentaries will be available, along with activities adapted to all dancing levels. 

Apéros tango



Listen and dance, eat and drink, the tango as an appetizer every evening from 7 to 9.


Film screening



Each year a film screening is organised covering the theme of the festival.




The festival allows you to discover tango, Argentine folklore and yoga for free.


Dancers training

Flexibilities, muscle strengthening, movement analysis ...





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