with Charlotte Tolo and Sophie Massieau

The energy worked in Yoga is not dissociated from that created during the dance.
Developing trust, empathy and giving for others is an orchestrated sensual science that yoga can refine through

the beautiful instruments of body and consciousness.

For a complementary program, the same themes will be developed each day in dance movement and yoga,

with an approach specific to each technique



Themes of the workshops:
Monday 22nd - A stylized and easy posture for women and men. With Charlotte Tolo.
Tuesday 23rd - Body awareness - between balance and imbalance, organize around the axis. With Charlotte Tolo.
Wednesday 24th - Strengthen one’s axis - a walk anchored to advance. With Charlotte Tolo.
Thursday 25th - Developing one’s balance - an ingrained march to retreat. With Charlotte Tolo.
Friday 26th - Develop one’s confidence - be in one’s supports and use his / her weight to free the leg or to guide. With Sophie Massieau
Saturday 27th - Flexibility of the hips, to dissociate completely from the point of view of  women and men. With Sophie Massieau
Sunday 28th - Create space by respiration to rotate and turn. With Sophie Massieau


All classes take place at the Collectif du 9

Free initiation Sunday 21 at 12:30

Course from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 from 16h to 17h


See the classes programm



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