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Au Gramophone

1 rue Pépin, 93100 Montreuil. Métro Mairie de Montreuil.


A 4 minute walk from the Mairie de Montreuil underground, Gramophone is a Turkish restaurant.

Upon arrival Chakir is your host. His accent and music will take you on a dancing streak. In the kitchens Memet is the master chef. He pleases soul and tastebuds with delicious and generous dishes, neatly served on your plate.

Gramophone hosts tango appetizers every evening of the week From 7:30 to 9PM.








Monday July 20 at 19:15 

Benjamin Sebban - Piano

+ Guests

Pupil of Nicolás Ledesma and Pablo Fraguela in Buenos Aires, Benjamin Sebban graduated from the Training of pianist and arranger in Tango and Folklore from the Conservatorio M. De Falla under the direction of the famous Argentinian guitarist Juan Falú. Benjamin lives in Paris and participates in many projects around tango, as a pianist, arranger and composer: Altamar + Alejandro Guyot (current tangos), Palacio Alsina (Piano 4 hands), Guardia Vieja Tango and El Rescate (with Pablo Gignoli). He was also, for three years, one of the pianists of the Gennevilliers Tango Orchestra conducted by Juanjo Mosalini.


Tuesday, July 21 at 19:15

Hugo Satorre - Bandoneon
Emiliano Faryna- Guitar

Recognized musicians in the field of Argentine music, the duo Faryna-Satorre will hit the slopes in 2017 with a milonguera proposal. They create their own arrangements, seeking to adapt to the duo format with the sound and articulations characteristic of orchestras of the 40´s and 50´s.
The particularity of this duo is due to the orality of its arrangements, it is repeated and played without partition and gives rise to improvisation, thus achieving a fresh and constantly renewed sound.


Wedbesday, July 22 at 19h

Gaspar Pocai - Voice, Bandoneon
Julien - Piano

The Duo of my hat seeks above all to make you dance. In the street, in bars or in the milongas, these two friends have forged a varied and attractive repertoire that is only matched by their complicity.
Their in-depth knowledge of the styles of tango, its dance and its culture allow them to develop an original repertoire which takes its roots in the crucible of pure Portègne tradition.


Thursday July 23 at 19:15

Agustin Luna - Guitar
Véronica Votti - Vocals, cello

Agustin, an Argentinian guitarist with solid classical and popular training, dedicated himself to the arrangements and compositions of the music of his country with a polyphonic approach to the guitar. His music evokes all the sounds and musical elements of tango and Argentine folklore orchestras. He offers us a repertoire mixing virtuosity with the originality of his arrangements. For this occasion he invites Veronica Votti, who has a strong experience in Argentine music. She brings the expressiveness of her voice to the most beautiful songs of the traditional repertoire. Together, they invite us on a sound journey on tailor-made arrangements, for this meeting between the guitar, the cello and the voice.


Friday, July 24 at 19:15

Ana Karina Rossi - Vocals
Iniacio Naom- Guitar

A traditional repertoire of tangos, waltzes and milongas, to dance with the voice of Ana Karina Rossi accompanied by the Argentinian guitarist Ignacio Naom.


Saturday July 25 at 19:15

Gaspar Pocai - Bandoneon, vocals
Julien Blondel - Piano
Medhi El Tinaoui - Violin

The Roulotte Tango Collective is relaunching a purely Milonguero project to ignite the dance floors.
Gaspar Pocai (vocals and bandoneon) arrives again from Argentina to find the pillars of the collective - Julien Blondel (piano) and Mehdi Al-Tinaoui (violin) - with whom he has worked for over ten years. They have already shared more than 500 concerts and milongas together.

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