Show - Cie Tangoart

Choreographer and director - Ariane Liautaud

Created in Paris in 2014, Tangoart is an argentine tango dance company directed by the choreographer Ariane Liautaud. by Sharing the Argentinean spirit and her tango passion as as present cutlure and a contemporary art, Ariane would like to highlight the tango as is now practiced by actuals artists, dancers or musicians. Her choreographic creation brings together professionals of tango, Argentinian and french.  Invited for this 9th edition of the Tango Roots Festival dedicated to the place of women in the Tango, Ariane has chosen to offer performances extract from her show Seasons about the profusion of feelings and states that cross a woman during a loving relationship. The choregraphic performances show the evolution of a couple relashioship,the curiosity that follows the first encounter, the ambiguity of tenderness and desire, the passion or even jealousy

Seasons deals  with the diversity of a woman identity builting up over lasting a couple life and career.

SATURDAY, JULY 20 at 7:30 pm

at the Carreau du Temple

Free entry


Ariane Liautaud & Karim El Toukhi

Benjamen Solano & Janice Landritsky

Lisa Conter & Florian Brisset

Esmé Page & Emile Gayoso

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