role and evolution of the status of women in the song and the music of tango


Tuesday, July 23 from 14h to 16h


With Françoise Prioul

If women are little present in the composition, the arrangement or the instrumental interpretation of the tango, at least until the 50s, they are very active on the contrary in the song from the birth of the "tango-canción" and the years 20-30 see appearing a plethora of talents such as Azucena Maïzani, Mercedes Simone, Libertad Lamarque or Tita Merello to evoke only the most famous. We shall register our analysis of the role of women in the more general context of the evolution of the feminine condition in the Argentine society then, through the contributions of these singers, we shall try to free the tendencies of the evolution of the sung tango.

Françoise Prioul

Associate of Spanish and doctor in Latin American literature, she has been interested in tango for twenty years as a dancer and violinist. She studied tango ensemble music with Cuarteto Cedrón and Juan José Mosalini, and regularly performs as a duet or trio in Buenos Aires and Paris. As a researcher, she works on the poetics of Celedonio Flores and on the relationship between dance, poetics and music and, in particular, on the contribution of the 20s to tango. F. Prioul has published several articles on these topics and teaches in particular the History of Tango at the University of Paris 13. She regularly makes extended stays in Buenos Aires and is currently preparing a book on C. Flores and the 1920s.


Mairie de Montreuil

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