María Inés Bogado started dancing when she was 12 years old. She grew up with folklore and received her degree in Folklore Argentino at the Centro Polivalente de Arte de Ezeiza. In 1994 she discovered tango and began studying with Cristina Pugni and Diego Gauna. In 1997 she continued her studies with Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte at the Club Sunderland. During this period she met Sebastián Jiménez with whom she entered into a professional tango partnership.

In 2010 they won the title of Metropolitan Champions of Vals and World Champions in Tango Salón. After winning the titles they went on an intensive tour around the world, teaching and performing at the most prestigeous tango festivals on all continents. Among other festivals, they participated in: the International Festival of Tango Salón in Łódź, Poland, Singapore International Tango Festival, Belgrade Tango Encuentro in Serbia, Tango Festival Porto in Portugal, and Planetango in Moscow, Russia.

María Inés and Sebastián decided to pursue new professional endeavors in 2016 and she started to teach and perform with Jorge Lopéz, with whom she already danced on the streets of Buenos Aires at the beginning of her career. In 2018 she started to work with Roberto Zuccarino. She continues to travel all over the world, teaching solo and with her partners at festivals, performances, giving private classes, and seminars.


Roberto Zuccarino started to dance tango at the age of 15 years in Mataderos neighborhood, with his first teacher Oscar Hector, in the traditional Glorias Argentinas Milonga. He performed with many renowed tango teachers, but he adopted like his master to Silvio Lavia. His career as a profesional dancer started with a show in "Galerias Pacifico" with the famous orchestra "Los Reyes del Tango" He joined the show "Estela Raval y los cinco Latinos" performed in different theatres of Buenos Aires like Astros, Opera, and the prestigious Luna Park. Also they traveled with the show around the interior of the country. He participated in the show "Morocha y Pasional" producen by Gerardo Sofovich in the Metropolitan theatre on Corrientes Avenue. He worked in the most prestigious tango dinner shows like Sabor a Tango, Esquina Homero Manzi, El viejo Almacen, Cafe de los Angelitos and Boca Tango. He realized many performances in traditionals milongas of Buenos Aires like Sin Rumbo, Sunderland, Salon Canning, Glorias Argentinas, Torcuato Tasso, La Baldosa, Porteño y Bailarin, and El Trovador. Between 2005 and 2008 he toured with the show "Tango Fever" and "Opus Tango" performing in different theatres of Korea. In 2010 he traveled with "Tango Emotion" Company in Japan, Tokio. In 2009 he traveled to Russia to represent the historic tango house "Cafe de los Angelitos" As a director, he directed the show Querido Tango" during to years and the show "Querido Tango" realized in the Continental Hotel in the city of the San Carlos of Bariloche. Also he presented in Brazil as a choreographer of "Tango Viaje al Sentimiento" Company, performing in different theatres like the "Memorial of America Latina" doing more than 40 presentations. As a producer and director, in 2011 he created his first show "Tango y Nada Mas", presented in "Margarita Xirgu" theatre, for more than four months. organizer of Argentina Festival of tango, festival of in intalaciones, with Maria Ines Bogado is presented in the best Festivals of the world!

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