Traditional Argentine music for dancing.

Born from the meeting of three Argentinian musicians, the trio "RAICES" will meet in Paris for the first time to embark on the universe of traditional Argentine music, especially folklore.

Marita Moyano, renowned singer in the field of Argentinian folklore, comes for the first time to Paris to make us vibrate with her sensitivity and her timbre of voice well typed from her land of origin.

Agustin Luna, virtuoso guitarist of tango and Argentine folklore, who performs regularly in Europe as in the rest of the world, is considered one of the greatest soloists of his generation.

With Marita, they have shared the music scene for ten years now, with a repertoire as delicate as it is powerful. They come directly from Argentina, their country of residence, to share with us this music filled with colors ...

For this occasion they invite the Argentine percussionist and drummer, who has lived in Paris since 2007, Vanesa Garcia. His musical universe goes from traditional South American music to French song through tango, rock, folk, funk, jazz and especially world music.



Agostin Luna - Guitar

Marita Moyano - Singing

Vanesa Garcia - Percussion







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